Dr. Bikhazi has been a physician at Ogden Clinic for nearly two decades. He comes from a family of otolaryngologists; Dr. Bikhazi’s father and brother are both ENT physicians as well. Originally from California, Dr. Bikhazi received his medical training from UC San Francisco before moving to Utah.

Dr. Bikhazi loves many things about being an ENT doctor and one of them is being able to see patients of all ages. Along with helping adults manage ENT conditions, he also performs the full scope of pediatric ENT care including ear tube surgery and tonsil removal.

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“My commitment is to a results-oriented approach to the management of nasal and sinus problems. Within this, I attempt to use a minimal-invasive approach to accomplish this goal- in many cases, patients can achieve the same results with less down-time and cost.”
— Dr. Nadim Bikhazi, Utah ENT Specialist


Dr. Nadim Bikhazi is a board certified Otolaryngologist at Ogden Clinic that is committed to providing quality, cutting edge healthcare. This website provides an in-depth look at the expert services that he offers and is hosted by Dr. Bikhazi.  He proudly accepts nearly all insurance plans.