If you have a problem related to your ears, nose or throat, Dr. Nadim Bikhazi can help. He is board-certified in otolaryngology and has nearly 20 years of experience in the medical and surgical management of ear disorders, snoring, sleep apnea, sinusitis, throat issues, allergies and head and neck surgery.

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From allergies to snoring and sleep apnea, otolaryngologist Dr. Bikhazi specializes in providing the best comprehensive ENT specialist care for the whole family in Utah. 

Meet Dr. Bihkazi

In-office Balloon Sinuplasty

When Should You See a UTAH ENT Specialist?

At what point should you seek help beyond your Utah family doctor for problems with allergies, snoring, sleep apnea and other ear/nose/throat conditions? Dr. Nadim Bikhazi answers this question, in depth, and provides solid, practical advice for otolaryngology treatment in this short but informative video.


Allergy Testing

Stop settling with a runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. Learn how allergy treatments can improve your quality of live through non-invasive and cost effective care.

Sleep & Snoring Problems

There can be many factors that can cause snoring. Exploring the right cause for each individual is a top priority to help you develop a good night sleep.


Nasal Congestion

Chronic nasal congestion can get in the way of every day living. Book an appointment today to see what may be causing your discomfort.


Sinusitis is the inflammation of the sinuses for a long period of time. Can be caused by interference of air flow into the sinuses and drainage. If you suffer more than 10-14 days with pain in your sinuses, ears, forehead and back of the eyes contact us.

Dr. Bikhazi brings some of the latest and most effective treatment methods to the Ogden area. One of his favorite clinical interests is treating sinusitis, a condition affecting over 25 million Americans. Dr. Bikhazi’s approach to sinusitis is called balloon sinuplasty, a minimally-invasive treatment method that boasts incredible patient outcomes.





Dr. Bikhazi has been a physician at Ogden Clinic for nearly two decades. He comes from a family of otolaryngologists; Dr. Bikhazi’s father and brother are both ENT physicians as well. Originally from California, Dr. Bikhazi received his medical training from UC San Francisco before moving to Utah.

Dr. Bikhazi loves many things about being an ENT doctor and one of them is being able to see patients of all ages. Along with helping adults manage ENT conditions, he also performs the full scope of pediatric ENT care including ear tube surgery and tonsil removal.

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“My commitment is to a results-oriented approach to the management of nasal and sinus problems. Within this, I attempt to use a minimal-invasive approach to accomplish this goal- in many cases, patients can achieve the same results with less down-time and cost.”
— Dr. Nadim Bikhazi, Utah ENT Specialist


Dr. Nadim Bikhazi is a board certified Otolaryngologist at Ogden Clinic that is committed to providing quality, cutting edge healthcare. This website provides an in-depth look at the expert services that he offers and is hosted by Dr. Bikhazi.  He proudly accepts nearly all insurance plans.