Tips for Utah Spring Allergy Symptoms that Bother You

Have you been suffering with allergy symptoms and wanting to learn to deal with Utah spring allergies? Allergy symptoms can get in the way of your day to day life. Are there medications or other ways to get rid of your issues? Here are some suggestions to help get you relief from common allergens in Utah.

Make sure you take off and wash the clothing you’ve worn while outside for more than a few minutes when you get home. Then you’re going to want to take a shower so that you can get the extra pollen and allergens off of your body. The allergens on your body and on your clothing can start to pile up in your home and not be easy to deal with. When you keep it cleaner and have a change of clothing on hand to wear when you get off of work or home after being outside, you reduce the amount of allergens in your home.

Stay inside when you’re dealing with a dry or windy day if possible. The best time to spend a day outside is to go out after it rains since that’s when most allergens are gone. If you have severe allergies, consider hiring someone to do your yard work or have someone in your family do it. If you do have someone at home that is going to do it, have them change their clothes when they get inside. Remember that shoes and socks are also going to track in allergens as well. Clean your carpets on a regular basis to get rid of what people track in on the floor.

Allergy Relief Ideas

Neti Pots – These work by rinsing out your nasal cavity solution made of saline. It can get rid of pollen and other allergens while loosening your mucus. You can buy a kit that has a pre-made mixture, you can use warm water and salt. Make sure you use only water that is distilled or boiled to avoid issues like bacteria getting into your system.

Saline Spray – There are pre-made nasal sprays that kind of work like a Neti pot, but they can be a little more simple to work with. They tend to be more precise and gentle too.

HEPA Filters – HEPA stands for high-efficiency particulate air and the filters that are made with this technology help to trap problem allergens and various other irritants in the air. You should consider replacing your vacuum filter with a HEPA filter to help reduce allergens in your carpet and home.

OTC And Prescription Medications – They make medications you can buy at the store, and if those don’t work you can get them from the doctor. Keep in mind that some of these have side effects like the ability to make you tired, so be sure you are aware of what to expect so you don’t have to go to work or drive if it will make you too tired.

These tips for Utah spring allergy symptoms should help improve your allergy symptoms. It can be very difficult to get through the day and your nights with these issues being present. Thankfully, there are many remedies you can choose from and use to your advantage. If you find that these tips aren’t getting you the results you need then consider making an appointment with Dr. Nadim Bikhazi – Utah ENT Specialist to get relief and answers for allergy symptoms and treatments in Utah.