What Is Sleep Apnea?

Do you feel as though you are always tired? Do you suffer from daytime fatigue? Does your partner complain about your snoring? If so, you may actually be suffering from a common condition known as sleep apnea. This particular condition occurs in around 10% of the population. However, it is one of the most under diagnosed sleep conditions because it can be very difficult to determine that you have it without actually going to a Utah sleeping center and getting monitored. For this reason, it is wise to familiarize yourself with sleep apnea symptoms in order to be able to properly diagnose and choose treatment options.

Sleep apnea is a condition that results in pauses in air flow that are longer than 10 seconds during periods of sleep. These pauses are essentially caused by a collapse of the various soft tissues located in the back of the throat that are effectively known as the pharyngeal tissue. A lot of the times these pauses are great enough to cause a sudden and noticeable decrease in oxygen that reaches the brain. This loss of oxygen can ultimately result in poor overall sleep. Thus, someone that is experiencing these sleep apnea symptoms will typically feel very sleep deprived throughout the day and may even notice a decrease or inability to concentrate and function normally. In fact, a lot of patients may even feel so sleepy that they can fall asleep during normal daytime tasks such as at the wheel when driving which can obviously be very dangerous.

Who Is Likely To Develop Sleep Apnea?

1. Males.

2. Elderly people.

3. People with high body mass indexes.

4. People that consume a lot of alcohol.

5. People that use sleep aids.

6. Sleeping without dentures.

7. People that have increased neck girth.

What Are Some Of The Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea:

+ Fatigue

Anytime that someone complains about chronic fatigue, sleep apnea is one of the things that can be causing it. This is easily one of the main symptoms of someone that is suffering from this condition.

+ Snoring

Another symptom that is directly correlated with this condition is snoring. Those that suffer from sleep apnea are typically going to end up snoring because they are unable to get enough oxygen and the blockage can result in an obstruction which leads to it being vocalized in the form of snoring.

+ Insomnia

Another common symptom for those that suffer from this kind of sleeping condition is insomnia. This is more so prevalent because they cannot get into a good position where they can actually get any kind of sleep.

+ Restless Sleep

Another symptom that a lot of people suffer from that have this condition is restlessness. Because they are unable to get a good overall sleep, they will generally move around a lot while they sleep because they can never get into a deep state.

+ Daytime Napping

Another symptom that typically occurs in those that have this kind of condition is the need to nap throughout the day. This typically happens to people because they are so tired and they do not get a proper sleep at night time.

+ Headaches

Another symptom that a lot of people experience is headaches. A lot of people that do not get enough sleep end up with headaches as a result of not getting a proper amount of healthy sleep.

Utah Sleep Apnea Treatment Options:

Sleep Mask

If your doctor diagnoses you with any kind of sleep apnea, you are likely going to have to wear some kind of oxygen mask that will effectively blow air into your throat as you sleep. While a lot of patients find this mask uncomfortable at first, once they get used to it, they are able to sleep much better with it on. By getting a better overall sleep, you will be able to regain your energy levels and feel much better throughout each and every day. Therefore, the trade-off is worth it.

Weight Loss

Another method of treating this kind of condition is to lose weight. Losing weight is one of the most successful treatments for this kind of problem because a lot of people suffering from sleep apnea symptoms are a direct result of being overweight. In fact, just a 10% reduction in weight loss can produce great results.

As you can see, sleep apnea is something that is a serious condition that a lot of people are faced with and a majority of them do not even know it. By focusing on getting rid of excess weight and/or using a sleep mask, you should be able to effectively eliminate this problem/condition or at least make it effect you less. If you feel as though you might be suffering from this condition, try to seek out professional help to get tested and get it sorted out.